Wednesday, 19 February 2014

win some ...lose some... siiggghhh...(for the 'losses from the losing..')

...yes i have lost a lot...seeds bought not germinating...but still stubbornly buying ...wrong technique possibly...pacifying self... DOAs...dead on arrival... well there are always risks in every venture one decides to undertake...still pacifying self...and i stubbornly go on buying...

Up to date am still  waiting for my Panache Fig and Summer Sunset Blueberry from Claire/Harvest-Clinic...which according to an eBay notice was posted on 31st January... i have begun to lose hope that they might still be alive upon arrival...if they do arrive soon....siiggghh am feeling rather sad now...

Panache Fig - offered by Harvest-Clinic at USD29.95

Summer Sunset Blueberry from Harvest-Clinic offered for  USD6.95

So the total payment made was....
Subtotal$36.90 USD
Shipping and handling$28.95 USD
Insurance - not offered----
Total$65.85 USD
Payment$65.85 USD
This charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *ERMA GIEM"
Payment sent to
From amountRM228.85 MYR
To amount$65.85 USD
Exchange rate: 1 Malaysian Ringgit = 0.287743 U.S. Dollars


  1. Hope you'll wait patiently while anticipating your seeds arrival. Meanwhile, smell the flowers :) Gd luck.

  2. TQ Jeff...err BTW what i am waiting for in this case are not seeds...they are supposed to be barerooted plants.... :(

    1. Oops...sorry. Guess I hv been thinking too much abt the Zodia seeds u are sending me. Haha. Hope u'll receive the plants soon.

  3. I ordered some cutting from US LSU Gold, it took a very long time to arrived more than a month. When they arrived, most are moulded and dried. Guess it's of no more use. Maybe we should order from places that are closer / nearer? Can share any sources (cheap ones, hehehe) that we may buy from?

  4. Have u tried Facebook...?? there r many Fbers selling figs... n err a lot of other plants n other things.... try Maizah Jalil n hubby Fig Mania (Selangor).... or Fauzan Adenan (Johor)..or Redland-FigCarica Pokok Tin (Kelantan)...or Hilmy Fadzil (Kedah)...Haqimi (Trg)...or nearer still to u...m not v sure whether figs r available tho...Flyaway Love (Sarawak)