Saturday, 16 July 2011


My geranium has started producing some flower buds....and i m wondering whether i should just let them be...the buds...considering the plant is still rather young...only planted it somewhere in the middle of June.... a friend brought it home from England....there were five of them....2 did not make seems to be surviving well n picking up...acclimatising...while another doesnt seem to b very happy....d leaves look yellow....wondered if it is its natural colour....for i know that some geraniums do have coloured leaves.....anyway, i moved it away from direct sun to see how it will react....

well...only this one has shown great vigor...n looks like it has acclimatised n quite happy living here in Besut, has even started budding...well i decide to let the buds be....can see a tinge of the promised colour of the future impatiently waiting for the buds to turn full bloom....will update....

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Poem from a friend....

A friend sent me these beautiful lines.....

Those unquantified differences
that had yield so much distance
for us to show our ignorance
that could fill in a single sentence
only to show the state of our endurance
when fruits of love grew in abundance
when fruits of joy grew in exuberance
do not query the same sentence
cause none shall portray those differences
except The All Mighty giving us guidance
From : Din Klate

Friday, 8 July 2011

Welcome Durian Season....

Of course as one who simply loves durians, especially the bitterish-sweet ones, not so much the simply sweet durians...i much much prefer the bitterish ones....i simply cannot understand why there are some who do not like durians...and there are some who cannot stand and abhor durians...even the smell of them....well..we are just different you and I.....

                Do not ask me why
                We are different…you and I
                I do not know
               Why that is so
               But this much I can say
               Our differences  portray
                The wealth of creation
               Of Allah the Most Magnificent

                Do not ask me about
                How far is the sky above
                The distance does confound
               So that I cannot count
              But this much I can say
              The distance does portray
              The wealth of creation
              Of Allah the Most Magnificent

                Do not ask me how
                She walks and runs, the newborn cow
         I do not know
         How that is so
                But this much I can say
                It certainly does portray
                The wealth of creation
                Of Allah the Most Magnificent

My Lone Durian Tree

When we first bought this piece of land...which had long been  a bush..rather a mini jungle....uninhabited and uncultivated......we had it cleared.....but left a lone old durian tree..... standing where it was like a lone guard vigilant over our land....we do not know how old it is...think it must have been very very old....

The lone old durian tree standing vigilant over our land...which has just been ploughed.... that the durian season is here again...we are being rewarded for having left it standing........we noticed some fruits hanging from its old branches......well the fruits are a far cry from these....on another piece of land just a few hundred metres away from ours.....

Though the fruits on our tree (pics below) are not as many as on  the above tree....still we are very thankful...Alhamdullillah for His bounty.........

Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Gloxinia


 aaahhh it is very heartening to see my glox ..a gift from a sister.... picking up.... when it first arrived it was on the verge of an 'illness'....m not really sure what it was...fungal  I guess... several of its buds were brown-turning-black  beginning on the fleshy flower stalks.... some leaves are also showing the same symptoms.... i quickly pinched off any discoloured parts from the plant.... transferred it to a bigger pot giving a generous helping of Bokashi fertiliser.... praying the effective microbes in it will help my ailing plant..... my lovely glox...does not only look healthy...but it is also budding profusely...!!Think the Bokashi was really good for it..n the Bokashi was a gift from a newly-acquired fren i have yet to meet...only known s my mobile contact list he is he also gave me two bottles of Probac for my fish pond....well actually he passed it ...err them ..d 2 packets of Bokashi fertiliser n 2 bottles of his brother who passed them to my sister...who gave them plus the glox to me on her most recent visit... Jazakallahukhairankathiiran ya Sham...n Nonet too for bringing them over!!