Monday, 6 June 2011

One thing leads to another....

 i was pleasantly surprised to know that an exquisitely lovely fragrant pink magnolia is happily blooming here in Malaysia.....have not seen it myself...only came across it here  :   

and this leads me to the gorgeously beautiful Milk-and-Wine lily Crinum zeylanicum.....  here :

My own white crinum is budding...n i m impatiently waiting for the buds to turn into flowers and finally bloom.... i yearn to smell again the exquisitely strong perfume they emit....


  1. Hi! Thanks for your visit to my blog. I am not familiar with Zodia, and am eagerly waiting for its picture when it blooms in your garden!

  2. Hi Lotusleaf...zodia flowers r actually nothing much to look at...they r rather insignificant blooms...but they have a strong fragrance... here is a link to a blog about zodia...with more pics...

  3. hi norhaini! i have not seen the pink magnolia in bloom at the secret garden in 1U before. have you been there?

  4. ...sadly nope...i may b a KLite...was i shud say...m now a Besutised KLite...who has never set foot on the secret garden of 1U...errmmm must make it a point to visit d next time i go home...!!