Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Buds in the sun....

Full of sweet promise......these Mulberry buds are 'being cooked'...They will be burgeoning with nutrients...vitamins and minerals as they ripen under the sun. I am really looking forward to my first harvest....from this plant that is. Read that the leaves make good tea for general health...but i have never tried too used to Boh...!!

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These Chrysothemis pulchella buds and leaves add much welcome colour in the garden.  This very easy to grow plant is rather shy of strong sunlight, thus makes very suitable houseplant. The shiny bronzy leaves provide a beautiful background to the small cheery yellow and orange flowers.

Then there is also this pretty Portulaca just waiting to open up to the gentle morning sun......
...and this Rose too....though slower to unfurl compared to the humble Portulaca....hopefully the cooler temperatures of these few monsoon months will further delay...or rather reduce the speed of  the opening of this little bud...thus delay it  from becoming the heat of our Malaysian climate...roses tend to open and bloom too fast and before you know it your bloom is spent...!

This Garlic Vine is another cheery addition to the garden scene....

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