Saturday, 12 November 2011

A 'Newborn' Butterfly....

in my backyard this morning i found a small 'newborn' butterfly...not ready for flight...

it is clinging to my poor citrus plant....eaten up bare of leaves....the predecessor of this butterfly ...a green caterpillar...siigghh i did not have the heart to kill it off...thus sacrificing my Limau Kasturi plant......i notice that butterflies really love to lay their eggs on citrus plants...always find their caterpillars on this citrus and that citrus plant....there were a few on this poor citrus last week gorging up its leaves till bare.....really really hope this poor citrus will recover.....  think a couple of the other butterflies have taken flight leaving this late one behind.... basking in the gentle morning sun...waiting to dry up and take off in flight....once it dries up it will be flying about in my garden....
Good morning, good day beautiful butterfly
So busy flying by
Why do you fly flitter flutter by
All around all around
All day long
In my great big garden
All day long
Butterfly, beautiful butterfly
Who looks after you ?
who feeds you so ?
I think I know
None other than Allah the most High
                Goodbye, goodbye beautiful butterfly
Till we meet again
Look after my garden my trusted friend.......


  1. hi, yes this is the butterfly from that caterpillar that likes to eat the limau kasturi, daun kari, the caterpillar initially looks dark brown then will change to a fat green one.
    luckily from an article in the newspaper i have been able to identify it.

  2. yea..caterpillars can b a big problem....unfortunately i never have d heart to kill them off...n sadly my limau kasturi has been devoured to death....well...i'll have to buy another limau kasturi plant...not sure wen that will happen tho.....!!

  3. what i do is, to inspect the plant as much as possible,
    u will be able find the eggs of the butterfly and remove it before it hatches. Also i will find the very small caterpillar before they turn into big ones, and cut the leaves where they rest and put them away elsewhere...

    1. well ...i do that sometimes....get rid of the eggs b4 they hatch...but seldom have d time....